Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's like I've waited my whole life...

...for this one homevideo?
Jill and Kevin's wild sashay into marriage has given me the craziest high. I don't know them personally, but they were so kind as to put their wedding video up on YouTube, and man what an entrance!

So much so that two friends of mine have both joked about doing a similar ceremony entrance for their own weddings, one here in Ireland, and the other in the US. And as one of the luckies who'll be bridesmaiding in the former and guesting in the latter, I'd be well on for it (girls, you have no idea...).

Now like all good bridesmaids, I have some concerns. How will delicate dress material stand up to all that pre-ceremony dancing? and how won't I fall on my derriere?

Look at the practicalities - that high upward stretching could so easily tear a svelte silk dress, especially if you're an over-enthusiastic dancer like me. And the polished church aisle would be like an ice-rink to our dainty footwear. The solution? Bias cut dresses with miles of double stitching, and an afternoon's work with low-grade sandpaper.

Not to mention that swinging your fellow bridesmaid about the place could result in a nasty encounter with a pew, or worse, propel her into the ecstatic arms of an unattractive male guest. Still, you could always get away with lots of boxing the air, raising the roof, or the old reliable jazz hands.

For Jill and Kevin's do, thankfully there are no mishaps, only a riotous celebration of love and happiness. Bodies yo-yo about the place with spirit and exuberance - stomping, hopping and stepping in time with each other, and hell isn't that what love and friendship is all about?

Our bridal party slows right down to the lyrics 'Won't let you fall', echoing the sacred promise of commitment between a husband and wife. And on cue, we meet the beautiful bride, sashaying her way to her man, and I hope, years of love, togetherness, and the highs and lows that lie therein. So while happiness is more than a bunnyhop away, at least we know the dance steps to get there.
(haven't you watched it yet? Get over to YouTube immediately

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